Senat Poultry is committed to producing the best tasting chicken you can buy. We truly go above and beyond to ensure that each chicken is truly from the farm gate, to you dinner plate as we control every aspect of the procedure. We don’t just want it to be the only chicken you ever eat, we want it to be the BEST CHICKEN YOU EVER HAD!

All our chickens are humanly raised by a network of small family farms for whom animal welfare is exposed and embraced. The stress free chickens roam freely and are sheltered in spacious, sanitary quarters instead of chicken coops. Their wings and beaks are never clipped. They are fed a 100% vegetarian diet made to a unique and extracting formula. All birds are antibiotic free, with no growth hormones ever added.

Our growers received the very highest ratings from the most environmentally and socially conscious stores. For example, the company that monitors Whole Foods, gave them a 98.8% rating for their chickens.

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