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You can expect the highest quality poultry guaranteed at our shop. Our farms provide the animals with the best diets, a Cage free lifestyle, antibiotic free. They're raised in fresh air, treated with respect and they are always natural and hormone free. We source our poultry from the best farms in the area and we're 100% certified Halal.


Our beef exceeds top quality standards. Sourced from local farms, nearly all of our cows are fed a grass fed diet. We’re dedicated to delivering the best cuts of beef with a wide variety of cuts. We have premium steaks, beef chunks, and much more. As always, our beef is 100% certified Halal.


We provide fresh farmed goat meat that is exceptionally sourced and raised properly. We have many cuts such as neck, shoulder, rib, loin, leg and much more. Goat can be prepared by grilling, rotisserie, broiling, roasting, sautéing, pan-frying, braising and stewing.


We have some of the finest cuts of lamb at our shop. You can get lamb chops, Frenched lamb rack, lamb tenderloin, ground lamb, lamb shanks, and much more. We provide the highest caliber of lamb from the farms we source.


If you enjoy being adventurous with food, you must try the delicacy of kokorec, which is lamb intestines. It's a street food kind of meat that you can buy from us and cook at home.
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