Butcher vs. Grocer

The Best Way to Meat

Have you ever thrown a dinner party and needed to impress your guests with the best steak they’ve ever had? When I’m grilling for friends, I want to give them the best quality I can. With that being said, I find I’m able to get the cuts of meat and gold standard that I deserve at a butcher. When I go to my regular grocery store, I can’t always get the amount of meat that I need for my occasion, but I can almost always count on my local butcher. There are several reasons to skip the grocery store and head to the butcher’s shop.

If you’re an animal lover like myself, you will appreciate how butcher’s care about the animals they choose for their shop. They have a deep respect for the diet of their animals, their environment, and how they are slaughtered to provide the most humane way for them to go from farm to table. You can rest assured knowing they aren’t being pumped full of harmful antibiotics or steroids when you go with a butcher.

When you go to your grocery store and ask for six boneless short ribs, they usually don’t talk to you, cut the meat in front of you, or ensure you’re pleased with the cuts of meat they’re selling you. As for a butcher, they usually greet with a smile, they know you by name, they know what you want on a regular basis, and they cut the meat in front of you to provide a luxury service. It’s more of a concierge experience and the happiness of their clients is extremely important. They’re a small business and want to retain their customers for their well being.

Speaking of small businesses, what better way to support your local community than to shop small? Butchers rely on you to shop with them, opposed to a grocery store chain. With a year like 2020, we all know that shopping small is pivotal to a thriving community. So, if you have to drive a few miles out of your way to shop small, know that you’re doing it for a good cause. Your contribution might be what keeps their lights on or what feeds their family! I can promise you that you will be happier with the caliber of your meat if you do choose to go to a butcher.

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